An introduction to Public Relations

Before my first PR lecture, I had only little knowledge on Public Relations, so I was pretty fascinated to learn/discover in my lecture how many dimensions of PR there is ranging from media relations to something like finance or government relations (Glenny, L 2013).  As I am studying marketing it was interesting to see the comparison and differences in both of the career pathways.

From my first lecture and tute, Leanne and Fae mentioned how Public Relations is an deliberate, ongoing program, where they maintain a mutual understanding between an organisation and its public, while marketing is more a strategy which targets a specific target audience with the goal of customer satisfaction and profit making  (Chia, J & Synnott, G 2012, page 8-9).

I will be honest and say from the first lecture PR didn’t really excite me at all, but until I had more lectures and tutorials I have noticed I have found more of an interest in learning more about this career pathway. I feel social media and television has helped to inform more people about Pubic Relations and what it really is. For example, Louie the fly was a massive campaign and none of it could have been possible without PR.


I thoroughly enjoyed Lecture 2 when Managing Director guest speaker Jeffery Naqvi from Pier Advisory came and spoke to us. I felt he really explained the positives of PR on a personal level and kept us students alert during his speech.He spoke about understanding the environment and a lot on lobbying and really all about what a PR job is all about.

In the last tutorial we broke up into groups and completed a task on duck hunting protestors being urged to respect laws. What I enjoyed about this task was that it actually helped me understand PR a little more, by reading and then analyzing who the stakeholders were, potential publics who might be interested in the story and considering the potential PR implications. It really broke it down for me more about what PR actually involves and the various dimensions of it. I am pretty excited to see what else the subject offers during the semester.

References: Glenny, L 2013, COMM 1057: Giving Oral Presentations lecture notes, University of South Australia, Adelaide/Magill, 5 March 2013.

Chia, J & Synnott, G 2012, An introduction to public relations and communication management, 2nd edn, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, viewed 15 March 2013, pp 8-9.


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