PR and Public Opinion

Over the last week, Dr Pamela Schulz came into our lecture and discussed with us the Power and Performance in PR. This consisted of different framing devices such as emotion, fear, winning & losing, power, beauty etc. She mentioned something really important to us girls, how intelligence overpowers beauty. Dr Schulz also pointed out a classic example which I took into consideration and realised I tend to do this all the time, for example, someone will tell me they like my dress, and I will not take the compliment and instead respond with something along the lines of “oh, this outfit is old”.

Something else that she mentioned was ‘Frames for health’ which was interesting to see how true everything she was saying, for example, cancer scares. We live in a society now where people are saying absolutely anything you do or eat will give you cancer.

Our tutes range from being informal, to very opinionative and they also include some sort of discussion about what form of PR is being advertised in the world. We based our last discussion as a class over the two issues, which were in the media during the last week. These were The Engineering Pub-crawl issue and the new license laws, which have come in for P platers.

Why should the Pub- crawl be banned for university students? It is a time for them to actually go out, meet new friends and have a break for a night from studying. However, in giving my own opinion, everyone has different reasons on why and if it should be banned. Lots of articles and media reports have been discussing the matter on how pub-crawls have changed throughout the years. They used to be much more rowdy before than what they are now, however, people have still been targeting the students who attended the event as “spoilt brats”.

As I don’t have my license yet, this new law of having to have your P plates for two years and not being able to drive at certain time frames and having only one passenger in the car would definitely affect me. I do still think this rule is interesting and I am intrigued to see if they go ahead with this law and how the general public will react if they do. I love the excitement of new issues happening in South Australia and seeing how the public reacts. I was on Facebook last week and saw a group to keep the laws for P platers we have at the moment, and it was amazing to see how many people had joined the group.

As Labor has been a spoken issue in the media lately discussing the question between having Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard as our PM, we briefly read through an article over the whole issue. I was shocked to see how informal the galaxy poll was when voting. The Galaxy Poll asked only 1005 voters if they think the office of the Prime Minister has been damaged by Labors leadership instability. They asked the public to vote on questions such as if Julia Gillard is the only legitimate leader in Labor or if she is a lame duck leader and if Kevin Rudd has been honourable and true to his word or a prima donna. They should be taken more professionally in an industry when asking the public to vote in a poll on who they would prefer to run our country.

I love having classes where we can be opinionative and share our own views and beliefs to certain issues happening in Australia and over the world.


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