PR Theories

Ew, Theories, normally hate when a teacher or tutor brings up that word! However, what is it all about in PR…

Theory is a systematic interpretation that explains how things work by establishing relationships between concepts. In our tute we discussed the importance of theory in PR and spoke about them in their groups.

Communication is a very important technique to have in most jobs. I believe co-orientation theory is a vital factor to consider in PR. It assumes that organisations can communicate for a purpose. (→  Organization–Public Relationships ; Consensus-Oriented Public Relations ) It suggests that PR actioners need to recognize their differences.

The readings made me think more about PR theory in that there are so many dimensions for how people cant communicate and how organisations are structured. Looking back to the transmission model I realised that this doesn’t just happen in PR, but in a lot of organisations. For example someone will have something that they want to communicate about (sender) and that message is sent through electronic signals that are then reconverted into a message for the receiver to read.

I have noticed that the media plays a huge role in impacting PR. The way we read the stories that the media are portraying in our everyday life is from one perspective. We are assuming because the media says something that it is true.

We looked at PR and organisations as a system and almost like our body. We need a heart to survive, just like they need employees and to adapt to the new changes in the environment. It has to maintain that two-way relationship between the organisation and the public.

What I am starting to realise is how many structures there are for people to communicate in the working industry and PR actioners are almost like the go between who explain organisations to its stakeholders and understand the environment to the organisation.

All in all, PR isn’t just there to understand a mutual understanding between organisations and its publics, there are also a lot of theory rules ranging from social learning, to persuasion, relationship management and the list goes on. It is important to consider good communication and listen to employees and have them involved in any situations/projects.



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