The Media Agenda

“The medium is a message” – Marshall Mcluhan

This is closely linked within media effects, and its representing a message determining peoples interpretation and understanding, and may play an important role with various social backgrounds.The message delivered is very important.

We receive so much information around the world from different styles of mediums, which is crazy. They range from print media, so your newspapers, magazines, journals, to film, broadcasting, telephones, Internet, television and the radio. We focus on a story which is published in at least one of those mediums if not more and then we think about the truthfulness, the proximity, if there’s conflict, eminence and prominence, consequence, impact if its timely, which most of the time it is and if we have any sort of emotional connection with it.

I guess we don’t see all the time how manipulating the media really is. For example we have all probably experience the magic bullet affect where we in advertising, we see something, we like it and we therefore purchase it.

A huge thing in media is the way people are interpreting something and trying to be like someone else. “Beauty is about being thin.” So many girls are now doing anything to be skinny. I have this new blog app called instagram, and its crazy how many friends of mine I see seeing post gym progress photos and drinking shakes and healthy foods and having hastag sayings like “clean eating” and “thinspiration”. Its great to want to be healthy, but another extent to want to be ridiculously skinny just to look like a model. What we aren’t realising is that is their job, it’s what they do for a living, we aren’t expected to portray the same image as them. I have seen this quote all over social media saying “nothing tastes as good as what skinny feels”, things like this are why people are starving themselves to keep up and make society happy.

We watched this video called Doll Face in our lecture, it was about this robot who was watching the television and trying to keep up with the changing  screen images of what society’s idea of beauty is. Eventually she can’t reach it and keep up that she breaks down. It was really powerful and it was talking about in our lives we are working hard to live up to others expectations and trying to fit the ‘mold of society’

In our lives, we work hard to try to live up to other’s expectations.  We all try to change who we are to fit the mold of society.  Whether we try to change our clothes, our shoes, or our hair, we all try as hard as possible to be like everybody else. We are following the media and trying to feel we need to fit it.

What we also don’t take into consideration is everyone’s social background and what they have seen and experienced at their age and their different emotions which can lead to peoples actions.

Everyone interprets the media differently and messages can be carried through one thing and another.


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