Media Management:


3.catchy heading

always use who, what, where, when, why AND how!

Firstly, a media release helps communicate with the target public. What we need is more media outlets to free publicity! What happens is we have journalists who are very busy people, so what they are looking for from a media release is something which can appeal to them. This means a catchy title! If they are intrigued by a title then you have a better chance of them reading it.

If i was to get a job as a PR practitioner, my goal would be to push media out there and develop good relationships with the media! How can I do this? This is a question I would ask myself! I guess some things I could do would be providing accurate and timely information in a non-obstructive manner and acknowledge news deadlines and daily print and television times. Something else I could take into consideration is maintaining online activity through social media like facebook and twitter and also update my websites and have a contact page, because if not only a journalist, but someone in the public wants to contact me, it would be crucial to have that information on there.

In the tutorial we did a really cool task which helped us to have a clear idea of how to write a press release. Fae provided us with information about Adelaide auto tech itself and there grand opening festival which was happening. As a group we had to take in information, like the catchy headline and a strong opening paragraph to engage our reader and also remember in the body content we were telling the public a story of what was happening. 

I guess i see a press release as an official statement which is issued to newspapers and the media in some sort of way giving information on a particular topic! We need to constantly make sure we have a good relationship with journalists and make sure more people are seeing more news!


One thought on “Media Management:

  1. Hey! 🙂
    I’m glad that you enjoyed the tutorial , and that this topic is something that you seem to really understand and enjoy. I think your point about the relationships between PR individuals and the media or journalists very interesting and valid. I know I personally had never considered why or how the news ‘stories’ we see or hear are shared or started. I think it’s exciting that you as a potential PR individual are part of keeping us informed about what is happening. I really enjoyed your blog this week!
    It’s well written, and you’ve engaged the 5 W’s and the H really well! 🙂

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