PR Research

PR Research is the process of answering questions, solving problems and working through methods to design assumptions. Why are we using research? to find information out! What does it help us to do? Identify and define issues and how people think about feel about them! If we decide to identify the research process we have […]

Media Management:

ATTENTION ALL: A MEDIA RELEASE IN 5 STEPS! 1.concise2.timely3.catchy heading4.factual5.honest always use who, what, where, when, why AND how! Firstly, a media release helps communicate with the target public. What we need is more media outlets to free publicity! What happens is we have journalists who are very busy people, so what they are looking […]

The Media Agenda

“The medium is a message” – Marshall Mcluhan This is closely linked within media effects, and its representing a message determining peoples interpretation and understanding, and may play an important role with various social backgrounds.The message delivered is very important. We receive so much information around the world from different styles of mediums, which is crazy. […]

PR and the community

What is a community? Are we involved in a community? Yes, we are, we used to be involved in a school community, we are involved in work communities, neighbourhood communities, church and sporting communities, and the list can go on forever! A community is a group of people living in the same place or having […]

Publics and Relation

I hope everyone is fresh, rejuvenated and ready to keep on blogging! It comes to the blog which literally has so much relevance to the topic we are studying (get it haha) We are the public, or a public could be considered as a group, and as a whole we have an interest in a particular […]

PR Persuasion and Ethics

AHHH propaganda or persuasion! Got to love it or hate it? I love how it it such a creative tactic which has been used for years! Is propaganda and persuasion the same thing or similar? I definitely believe similar as they are both tools, which attempt to influence an audiences thinking. It is true that […]

PR Theories

Ew, Theories, normally hate when a teacher or tutor brings up that word! However, what is it all about in PR… Theory is a systematic interpretation that explains how things work by establishing relationships between concepts. In our tute we discussed the importance of theory in PR and spoke about them in their groups. Communication […]

PR and Public Opinion

Over the last week, Dr Pamela Schulz came into our lecture and discussed with us the Power and Performance in PR. This consisted of different framing devices such as emotion, fear, winning & losing, power, beauty etc. She mentioned something really important to us girls, how intelligence overpowers beauty. Dr Schulz also pointed out a […]

An introduction to Public Relations

Before my first PR lecture, I had only little knowledge on Public Relations, so I was pretty fascinated to learn/discover in my lecture how many dimensions of PR there is ranging from media relations to something like finance or government relations (Glenny, L 2013).  As I am studying marketing it was interesting to see the comparison […]

A little about Sophia..

“Your desire to change must be greater than the desire to stay the same” Hello to the fantastic person who has reached my blog and is currently reading all about me! I’m Sophia or soof, whichever you prefer, I’m a first year student at the University of South Australia. I am studying at both the […]