Publics and Relations

I hope everyone is fresh, rejuvenated and ready to keep on blogging! It comes to the blog which literally has so much relevance to the topic we are studying (get it haha)

We are the public, or a public could be considered as a group, and as a whole we have an interest in a particular situation. It is crazy how alike everything I am learning about in PR is similar if not the same as my management and marketing. I love how they all interfere and it gives me a broader choice in career pathways.

Anyways, back on track.. So we have an organisation, and all the publics who work in there to help it to operate. We have the staff/employees (the most important publics) , so the people within the organisation and then the people outside out it, like the media. The publics are broken up into primary and secondary. The primary are those who can directly affect a business’ ability to achieve it’s goal. The goal is the most important thing in an organisation, it gives the employees motivation and a drive to achieve something for the organisation. You then have the publics who are categorized under the secondary, yes, they are still important, but they have minimal ability to affect an organisation.

It’s simple, most of us are public. We work in an organisation, mostly because we need the money at this age, but we are also studying for a job that hopefully in the long run we will love. My job at the moment is really important, i have made a few mistakes in my past, but it really affects me when i do because I want to keep the organisation in having a good name, and if i keep putting in wrong orders for other big companies, it will affect my position, my companies and the other companies as well.

We need to identify the publics as if there is problem  in an organisation which needs to be fixed, then we go to step to see if we can do something about it and see then with the level of involvement if we are affected by it.



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